Water Resources on the Web

The following is a list of resources for learning about water, it's conservation, protection, use, and recycling.

Use a Website Profiler to check out how trustworthy a website is. Information such as

who made the site,

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its point of view,

and the quality of information is used to judge the reliabiltiy of a website.

This is a good tool to use for research and collecting information that you find on the internet.




The Water Sourcebook



Water Homepage Learn everything about water. Get local information and infomation about how to conserve water.



Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality

This site is great for information on eleven different water quality tests.


USGS Water Watch: Current Steamflow Information for Nebraska

This site allows you to find current, up-to-date information for Nebraska's sreams. Learn what the streamflow is and if it is lower or higher than the average.


Nebraska Wetlands

This is a site unique to Nebraska and it's wetlands. Learn all about the different kinds of wetlands in Nebraska, and about birds, insects, plants, and animals which call wetlands home.


Environmental Literacy Council: Water Cycle

Lots of information about the water cycle, and even more links to other great sites dealing with water and the water cycle


Water Science for Schools

Easy to navigate website with information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opnions and test your water knowledge.


Groundwater Foundation--Kid's Corner

Many fun and educational activities and resources.


Bird Education and Awareness for Kids

Project BEAK is an interactive, web-based curriculum that contains scientifically accurate information about avian conservation, avian form, function and other adaptations that help birds survive, Nebraska's unique avian biodiversity, Nebraska's threatened and endangered birds, plus video clips, interactive games, quizzes and diagrams, additional resoures and links.


UNL Water Information and Research